The project was born from the encounter of Paul Styfhals and Pierre Jaccaud aiming to support contemporary African creation through the creation of a particular collection called “shared”.

The principle is based on commissions of original works, composing the personal collection, which are then placed at the disposal of a publisher created for this purpose, to be printed in silk-screen printing and commercialized in order to open up the circle of collectors.

At the request of the sponsor, the artist creates a series of works on paper reflecting the essence of his approach. The whole work is related to a fundamental matrix of his creation. This graphic and academic work becomes an essential testimony of his creation.

The set consists of a book whose set-free pages illustrate the founding principles of the artist.

All 20 works printed in silkscreen by Tchikebe studio are numbered, signed and kept in 23 portfolios, including 3 artist proofs.

The annual programming schedules the completion of 3 portfolios.