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A scholar painting…

Following the footsteps of reality composers, the painter Camara GUEYE is inspired by the facts and gestures of his everyday life, that he transcends through hard work.

The objective analysis of his painting leads us particularly to observe the intrinsic quality of his line, the vibration of contours, the seizure of volumes and beings in their light. His compositions articulate various elements that are like so many open windows on fluid narratives mixing men, animals, objects, houses, words….

Charcoal, pastel, acrylic, India ink, oil, paper, canvas … Camara GUEYE uses all the means at his disposal with a great intelligent grasp of the rendering. His pictorial art sometimes borrows techniques of urgency: sticking, erasing, erasing with incredible meaning in order to obtain coordinated and balanced effects. His creations are the fruit between thought and the happy hand.

Camara GUEYE is the painter of a poetic and spiritual reality. His canvases and his drawings are the seismographs of a daily newspaper where calm reigns between men and animals.

Two dramaturgies coexist. One stages narrative situations. The craftmanship is lively, neat. It borrows subjects from everyday life. Scenes of interiors, exteriors where scattered elements float like quotations. The compositions fit various formats. He plays with intelligence and finesse the ratio background/surface. Multiple plans unfold in the frame of the painting, like so many windows on worlds in serene cohabitation.

The other dramaturgy announces the color vividly. The signs get accumulating. It is no longer a question of representation, but of meaning as quickly as possible ideas overlapping in “free” mode. In this praxis, we can perceive the urgency, paradoxically the fruit of a long reflection. Camara delivers “frankly” figures, sketches, vanishing lines that mingle happily in palimpsests.

Camara GUEYE has the deep sense of the forces that underlie the bonds between people and things. In the manner of Miles Davis, his painting “Be-bop” has a rhythm on its own. His phrasings and his associations of ideas foil our linear visions. His work has rhythm, it dances and invites us to be active watchers.

Enter the graphic and pictorial world of Camara GUEYE with the discretion of a lost and curious traveler, who pushes the door of an unknown world, in the shadow of his colorful dreams.


Camara Gueye

Birth / 1968

Education / Fine Arts in Dakar


– 1993-1997 Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Dakar ; Diplôme Nationale
des Beaux-arts (DNBA). Major de sa Promotion.
– 2005 Perfectionnement en Céramique au EuropeanCeramic Center.
Hertogenbosch, Hollande.

– 2016 Juillet –Août, Résidence et Exposition à SAIGNON ; APT, FRANCE.
– 2013 Mai, Exposition « Regard sur l’Afrique » Kalao Galerie, Bilbao (Espagne)
– 2012 Juin, Biennale de Dakar Exposition à la Biscuiterie de Medina Dakar.
– 2012 Exposition « Soleil et Vie à Dakar » Kalao Galerie, Bilbao Espagne
– 2012 Exposition à San- Sébastian, GALERIE ARTEKO . ESPAGNE
– 2010 Sélection Internationale au Festival des Arts Négres DAKAR
– 2009 Résidence et Expos à The Art Institut of Shenzhen, en CHINE.
– 2009 Février, One Man Show, Paris 11éme avec AUDE MINART
– 2008 Exposition au Musée de Saint-Brieuc à Saint-Brieuc, FRANCE.
– 2008 Mai Biennale de Dakar,Portes ouvertes de l’atelier de l’artiste à Petit Mbao.
– 2007 Juin, Exposition au siège de Fougerole Dakar.
– 2006 NIIT NIT. Galerie Nationale, Dakar Sénégal.
– 2005 Cafe Society. Pounder-Kone Art Space, Los Angeles,USA
Pounder-KonéArt Space at the National Black Fine Art Show,The Puck
Building, New York.
– 2004 Galerie Bambara, Carthagène, Espagne.
Pounder-Kone Art Space,Los Angeles, USA.
Musée Boribana, Dakar.
– 2003 Théâtre de la Ville en Bois, la Rochelle, France,
Pol’sPottenAmsterdam KNSM39. HOLLANDE.
– 2001 Galerie Bambara, Carthagène, Espagne.
– 2000 Galerie Atiss, Dakar.
– 2000 Sélection internationale à la Biennale de DAKAR.
– 1998 Centre Culturel Français, Dakar.
Galerie Atiss, Dakar.